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Karkashadze’s Houses have created a personalized category in the segment of premium real estate in Odessa. Having a common philosophy, all Karkashadze Houses are unique in their own way. More about the concept

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11 things to be proud of

These houses have become a real phenomenon in the new history of Odessa construction, thanks to their recognizable style and unique quality, Odessa residents call them by the name of the creator.

одесса элитная недвижимость

9 Karkashadze Lane


элитная недвижимость в одессе

7 Karkashadze Lane


элитная недвижимость одессы

4a Dovzhenko St.


элитная недвижимость в одессе купить

4 Dovzhenko St.


элитное жилье в одессе купить

3/1 Karkashadze Lane


продажа элитной недвижимости в одессе

2 Dovzhenko St.


продажа элитных квартир одесса

6a Dovzhenko St.


купить квартиру в элитном доме в одессе

6 Dovzhenko St.


Dream of a home

The history of Karkashadze Houses began with the dream of its founder – to build an ideal house for life.
For 27 years, the ZARS company has been making it a reality and retaining the main principles, thanks to which Karkashadze Houses become a dream for other people. A dream that they can pass on as their legacy.


At all objects of the brand “House of Karkashadze” a brand name is installed, which testifies to the responsibility of the holding ZARS to its clients and the city.

dream house

Philosophy of Karkashadze Houses

All Karkashadze Houses have the same genetic code


The most important in the concept of an ideal home is the principle of strict adherence to recommendations and rules developed by Givi Silovanovich Karkashadze.

These recommendations and rules are not just a set of advice, but a set of immutable laws of ZARS. These rules relate to both technical and conceptual aspects of the construction process. Careful observance of them becomes the “foundation” on which we build the best houses.

Tradition and innovations

Keeping and observing our own traditions, an integral part of the concept of Karkashadze Houses is the use of innovative solutions. We study, develop, and then successfully apply the most modern materials and progressive technical solutions.

The houses of Karkashadze are the best materials, impeccably interconnected by a high culture of construction.

The quality of the place multiplies the value of the home

The places that we vibrate for the Karkashadze Houses are a kind of comfort points.

Places that always attract attention, while remaining calmly comfortable for private life.

Places where the history of the city is not interrupted turns into its future.

купить квартиру в приморском районе


Karkashadze’s houses always have architectural solutions that are unique to their place, preserving its value and developing the potential of the territory on which it is built.

Each of our new House seeks to complement, emphasize and develop the unique architectural chronicle of Odessa.



We want the feeling of home to arise when the doors to the hall of the Karkashadze House are opened.

An atmosphere of soft luxury – we always strive to achieve this feeling when designing interiors. Italian furniture in the soft light of chandeliers and sconces complete this effect.

купить квартиру в одессе приморский район


Anticipating your wishes for a comfortable living space, our ergonomics experts create smart layouts.

At the same time, we always leave the opportunity to individually approach each project and make your ideas about the ideal home come true.

купить квартиру в приморском районе одесса


Both the house itself and the area around it are a harmony of sophistication and functionality.

Individual, specially designed landscape design perfectly complements the overall concept of each Karkashadze House. Round-the-clock security and video surveillance will ensure safety and make you feel safe and comfortable.

Sense of home

The most valuable thing that Karkashadze Houses create for their residents is a unique feeling of home. That is why Karkashadze Houses are the best choice for those who want to find a real home for their family.



No matter how many materials for construction appear over time, brick will remain the best of them. Durable. Wear-resistant. Moisture resistant. Frost resistant. Almost forever. We have made sure that our main building material is the best of the best.
Brick is suitable for high-rise construction in terms of strength characteristics, and in terms of noise and heat insulation properties – for the construction of housing of the highest class.



For thousands of years, marble floors have nobly muffled the footsteps of the owners of good houses. Therefore, when it comes to choosing materials for halls and corridors in Karkashadze Houses, we always prefer the classics – high quality marble.



The delicacy of natural wood and the manufacturability of aluminum. To equip the windows of Karkashadze Houses, we use the principle of combining the best traditional materials and modern technical solutions.



An obligatory element of comfort in Karkashadze Houses. Underground parking with a separate ventilation and smoke extraction system, designed for the operation of S-Class vehicles.

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Holding ZARS

ZARS was founded on October 14, 1996 by Givi Karkashadze (1930 — 2006).

Holding ZARS completes a full investment and construction cycle of its own projects, from development and construction to commissioning and management.

ZARS is a harmonious team of confederates and professionals which finds new solutions for each project understanding the modern tendencies and needs of the clients.

Having refused mass building, the company ZARS creates unique projects in which esthetics, quality and comfort are the main postulates. Paying special attention at the architectural concept of each house, the company ZARS makes the contribution in keeping the uniqueness and originality of architectural style of our city.



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