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Quality. Aesthetics. Tradition.

The ZARS company was founded on October 14, 1996 by Givi Karkashadze (1930-2006).

Holding ZARS carries out a full investment and construction cycle of its own projects, from development and construction to commissioning and management.

ZARS is a well-coordinated team of like-minded people and professionals who find new solutions for each project, understanding modern trends and the needs of their clients.


Having abandoned mass construction, the ZARS company creates unique projects in which aesthetics, quality and comfort are the main tenets.

Paying special attention to the architectural solution of each house, the ZARS company makes its contribution to the preservation of the uniqueness and uniqueness of the architectural appearance of our city.



Areas of activity

Full cycle from development to management



Development is an area in which you need to anticipate what will meet the interests and values ​​of customers in many years. We strive to be an example and demonstrate how to create unique projects out of time.



We independently build objects that we create within the framework of development projects. In the 27-year history of the company, only 39 houses have been built and more than 46,800,000 bricks have been laid.



ZARS management creates additional opportunities for property owners from ZARS and takes on the full cycle of real estate management: maintenance, rental, concierge service, finishing work, filling with art objects.



ZARS invest is an international company within the ZARS holding. It specializes in the development and implementation of projects in areas with the highest investment potential.

Over the 27 years of the company's history, ZARS has laid millions of bricks and the laying continues

49 062 571


Builder Karkaschadze

The founder of the company ZARS — Givi Karkashadze graduated from the Batumi Secondary Naval School in 1950 with a degree in “Hydraulic Structures”. By assignment, he was sent to Odessa for the construction of the Odessa port.

Odessa land became a second homeland for Givi, the prosperity of which he devoted his whole life.

Givi Karkashadze went through all stages of production, from foreman to the head of the largest construction plant “Odespromstroy”. In parallel, he graduated from the Odessa Civil Engineering Institute with a degree in “Industrial and Civil Engineering”.

Under the leadership of Givi Karkashadze, over 55 years of work, dozens of buildings and structures destroyed by the war were restored, millions of square meters of housing were commissioned, as well as residential areas such as “Cheryomushki”, “Tairova” and “Kotovsky” were built.

He has hundreds of socially oriented facilities in Odessa and the Odessa region: the Regional Clinical Hospital in the village of Kotovsky, a hospital and sanatorium for war invalids, the “Chernomorskaya Kommuna” publishing house, educational buildings of the Polytechnic Institute and the Construction Academy, schools, kindergartens and many other facilities.

Under the leadership of Givi Karkashadze, modern industrial complexes were put into operation:
Odessa port plant for the production of ammonia and carbamide, plants “Kinap”, “SOZH”, “Centrolit”, “Neptune”, “Storm”, Peripheral equipment plant, DSK-3 (New base), concrete goods Plant of expanded clay gravel (settlement Kulindorovo ), Plant of rubber products, “Stroygidravlika”, “Pressmash”, the Plant of medical equipment in Bedgorod-Dnestrovsky, the Plant of piston rings, a cardboard and paper mill and many other objects.

In 1988, the USSR Ministry of Yugstroy sent Givi Karkashadze as the head of Soviet specialists involved in the construction of strategic facilities in Iraq.

In 1996 Mr. Karkashadze founded the company ZARS which he managed the last 10 years of his life. The inhabitants of Odessa call the houses constructed by the company ZARS the “Karkashadze Houses”.

For great labor services in the development of national-state building, Givi Karkashadze was awarded two Orders of the Red Banner of Labor, the Order of Friendship of Peoples, as well as many medals.

Givi Karkashadze was awarded the order of G.G. Marazli III degree.

For a significant contribution to the post-war restoration of Odessa and many years of fruitful activity in the construction industry, by the decision of the Odessa City Council, Kirpichny lane was renamed into Karkashadze lane.


The continuity of generations

Founder of the company – Givi Karkashadze (1930-2006). Since 2006, 100% of the company has been owned by the founder’s family.


People who are building the present and future of the company

  • the president   

    Bochorishvili David

  • chairman of the board of directors   

    Bochorishvili Georgy


Special purpose

To be an integral part of the history of urban planning and architecture of Odessa.

Remaining leaders in the field of high-quality building, to build for ages with love to the city and responsibility to people.

Professionally implement innovative ideas based on good traditions and high quality standards of the company.

Promote the professional growth and well-being of employees.

To create unique properties of the highest quality, which will become a heirloom, passed down from generation to generation.

Social and cultural projects

Key areas


OSACEA scholarships, grants and support

In 2015, a scholarship program named after Givi Silovanovich Karkashadze was established for students of OSACEA. Each semester, the best students are determined, who become holders of scholarships and grants. Holding ZARS systematically supports the academy and contributes to its development. Company President Bochorishvili David Murtazovich is a member of the OSACEA Supervisory Board.


City greening and tree planting

For 27 years, the ZARS holding has been engaged in landscaping not only its facilities and the surrounding area, the company also participates in various projects for the improvement of Odessa. During this time, we have planted over 1000 trees. We intend to further increase the number of green spaces in our city and take care of the improvement of Odessa as a whole.


Architectural Seasons

First annual international event in Odessa dedicated to architecture, design and urbanism. Odessa is our homecity, so we strive to make it a center of cultural attraction for the whole country.




Support for the Odessa National Art Museum (OFAM)

The development of cultural initiatives in the city is one of the activities of the ZARS holding. We cooperate with the Odessa Art Museum and provide it with comprehensive support. The chairman of the board of directors of the company Giorgi Bochorishvili is a member of the Marazli club.


Support of the Museum of Modern Art of Odessa (MISO)

The preservation and development of art is one of the important aspects of the activity of a conscious business in our time. Holding ZARS, as a representative of socially oriented business, bears responsibility before society, in particular in the direction of forming cultural codes of the present and future.




Quality without compromise


2, Frantsuzkyi boulevard, Odesa, 65012, Ukraine

Sales office Karkashadze Houses

2, Frantsuzkyi boulevard, Odesa, 65012, Ukraine

ZARS was founded on October 14, 1996 by Givi Karkashadze (1930 — 2006). Holding ZARS completes a full investment and construction cycle of its own projects, from development and construction to commissioning and management. ZARS is a harmonious team of confederates and professionals which finds new solutions for each project understanding the modern tendencies and needs of the clients.

Having refused mass building, the company ZARS creates unique projects in which esthetics, quality and comfort are the main postulates. Paying special attention at the architectural concept of each house, the company ZARS makes the contribution in keeping the uniqueness and originality of architectural style of our city.

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