29b Frantsuzsky Boulevard collection of 48 apartments

About the house

29B, Frantsuzsky boulevard. It combines aesthetics inspired by the architecture of Odessa classics, the traditional quality of the Karkashadze Houses, a wonderful location and a park adjacent to the house.

We have provided only 48 apartments in the house to make your stay even more comfortable and relaxing. We have made the glazing of the apartments even larger due to panoramic windows made of eurobeam and aluminum stained-glass windows. To emphasize the atmosphere of freedom and luxury, we made the lobby of this house spacious, and the architects thought over its design to the smallest detail. All technical equipment in this house is represented by the latest generation equipment from the best European manufacturers.

Welcome to our new home! We are proud of him, and if you make a choice in his favor, then he will certainly become your reason for pride.


As long as Odessa has existed, Frantsuzsky Boulevard has been considered the best place to live here.

Odessa’s aristocrats have traditionally chosen to place their elegant country cottages on Frantsuzsky Boulevard Following this old tradition, we have chosen to build elite urban housing for modern residents of Odessa on Frantsuzsky Boulevard.

located only in
500m to the sea

It is like you live outside the city, but remain in close proximity to its business, cultural, and entertainment life. Significant places and facilities of Odessa can be reached by foot or in a few minutes by car.

zars map
Frantsuzsky Boulevard
lane. Sportivniy
Odessa Opera Theatre
3,9 km
Odessa musical
dramatic theatre
900 m
29b Frantsuzsky
Yacht club
450 m
“Health track”
350 m
Odessa cinema studio
350 m
4,4 km
9,4 km

Karkashadze Houses represent the essence of the cultural and historical heritage of Odessa’s houses

Karkashadze Houses are a unique example of high-rise brick construction, the quality of which has no analogues in Odessa. Moreover, there are not so many high-rise buildings built of brick in the world.
These houses always look great from the outside thanks to the highest quality wall cladding . They also look luxurious inside. We always use the highest quality materials and create unique interiors.



– 500 m to the sea


The courtyard – park

The courtyard is an atmosphere of solitude and calm



Autonomous water supply, diesel generator


Reliability and status

More than 24 years of experience in premium real estate construction from ZARS


Master bedroom

The layout of each apartment includes a master bedroom


Energy efficiency

Walls insulation, energy-efficient windows, modern boiler room


Intimacy and privacy

Less than 50 apartments per house


Central air conditioning


Individual layout

Possible layouts according to your preferences

  • Terraces and balconies
    in each apartment
  • Privacy
  • Sophistication
  • Outside
  • Unique children's

Atmosphere of freedom

Spacious layouts, high ceilings a minimum of 3.15 m, terraces and balconies in each apartment.


Style and luxury

The interior of the hall and common facilities are decorated with premium materials - marble, plaster, and natural wood.


Exclusive elevators

High-speed, silent elevators of the last generation with an individual design.



Around the clock guarded territory with video surveillance, and restricted entry to the building.


Cost effectiveness

LED lighting, heat, electricity, and water meters.


The best construction material

All walls are made of red, effective, ceramic brick.


Quiet place

Secluded alley near the sea and park area.



Restrained luxury in architecture and design.


Underground parking

High ceilings and spacious parking spaces.


The design of the house provides

0 floors
0 apartments
0 penthouses
0 offices

Appartments and penthouses with spacious layouts, high ceilings a minimum of 3.15 m, terraces and balconies in each apartment.

  • icon

    55 — 59 m2

    one-room apartment

  • icon

    85 — 95 m2

    two-room apartment

  • icon

    125 — 137 m2

    three-room apartment

  • icon

    189 — 196 m2

    four-room apartment

  • icon

    208 — 212 m2


  • icon

    87 — 120 m2

    office premises

Construction stage

Foundation arrangement
Building of walls and overlappings
Roofing works
Front works
Engineering networks
Internal completion of the building
Construction stage
Planned completion date 4th quarter of 2022


Construction stage at 28.07.2021

We summarize the results of the month with news about the construction progress of the new Karkashadze House at 29B, French Boulevard. - Foundation device - 100% - Construction of walls and ceilings - 75% - Completed masonry work on the 8th floor - Reinforcement of the floor slab over the 8th floor


Construction stage at 26.05.2021

We conclude the month with a report on the construction progress of the new Karkashadze House at 29B, French Boulevard: - Foundation device - 100% - Construction of walls and ceilings - 60% - Masonry work is underway on the construction of the 7th floor


Construction stage at 28.04.2021

We summarize the results of the month with news about the construction progress of the new Karkashadze House at 29B, French Boulevard. - Foundation device - 100% - Construction of walls and ceilings - 50% - Masonry work on the 6th floor is underway


Construction stage at 05.04.2021

We are sharing with you the latest news about the construction of the Karkashadze House at 29B, French Boulevard. - The erection of walls and ceilings is 45% completed - Completed masonry work on the 5th floor


Construction stage at 01.03.2021

We are sharing with you the latest news from the Karkashadze House at 29B, French Boulevard. Stage of construction as of 01.03.2021: - Completion of the masonry of the 3rd floor; - Work is underway on the installation of monolithic reinforced concrete dowels and columns of the 3rd floor; - Work is underway to arrange an entrance to the underground parking.


Construction stage at 03.02.2021

We are sharing with you the latest news from the Karkashadze House at 29B, French Boulevard. Stage of construction as of 03.02.2021 - Foundation device - 100% - Construction of walls and ceilings - 15% - The laying of the second floor is underway - Work continues on monolithic and reinforced concrete underground parking


The first outlines of the house

Two weeks ago, the first brick of the Karkashadze House at 29b, Frantsuzsky Boulevard has been laid. And today, building the first floor, we already see the first outlines of the house. The project is gaining it's shape, becoming reality. 29b Frantsuzsky Boulevard - Collection of 48 apartments.


Laid the first brick

Not long ago, the first pile was crushed in the new Karkashadze House on Frantsuzsky Boulevard, 29b. And today the first brick was laid. This is a significant event for every Karkashadze House, another kind and long-standing tradition that we have been honoring for 24 years. This is how we celebrate the moment when the new House begins to acquire its future unique features.


We are completing the foundation

We are completing the foundation and continuing the concreting of the basement walls of the new Karkashadze House on French Boulevard, 29b French Boulevard, 29b - a collection of 48 apartments.


The tower crane is installed

The tower crane is installed and we continue the construction of the special Karkashadze House at 29b, French Boulevard.


More than half of the apartments have already been sold

It is a fantastic feeling when the business that you do with enthusiasm and love finds a response in the hearts of people! Just a month ago, sales of a new project from ZARS company began at 29b French Boulevard, and more than half of the apartments have already been sold. We sincerely thank connoisseurs and aesthetes who have chosen the new Karkashadze House for life. French Boulevard, 29b - collection of 48 apartments.


The first pile

The first pile on French Boulevard, 29b is crushed, a coin for luck is laid. “This is a significant and valuable tradition in the construction of each new Karkashadze House, which we have observed for 23 years,” said George Bochorishvili, CEO of ZARS. The symbolic starting point is the start of construction. We believe that this tradition brings good luck to all habitants of our houses.


Start of sales

Construction company ZARS presents a new project - "House of Karkashadze" at 29b, French Boulevard. Aesthetics, inspired by the architecture of Odessa classics, the traditional quality of "Karkashadze Houses", a unique location and a park adjacent to the house. French Boulevard, 29b - an ideal place to live in harmony. A collection of 48 apartments is already on sale. Sales department: +380 (48) 788-77-77 +380 (67) 738-77-77


Construction permit

The permission was received for the construction of a new Karkashadze House at 29b French Boulevard (the building address of the object is Sportivny Lane, 4).

Сonstruction materials

510 mm
Thickness of outside walls
380 mm
Thickness of inter-apartment walls
120 mm
Thickness of room dividers

Brick. It is strong. It is hard-wearing. It is moisture-resistant. It is frost-resistant. It is eco-friendly. It is almost eternal.

Brick is such a popular, proven and reliable material that it became a metaphor long ago. Moreover, we will not exaggerate if we say that bricks are the cells of which the body of our houses consists. The name of our company is made of them, so we have taken care of our main building material to be the best of the best.

Brick is suitable for high-rise construction in terms of strength characteristics and for the construction of the highest-class housing in terms of noise and heat insulation properties.

The walls of our houses have a thickness of more than 50 cm and provide the level of ecological, temperature, and sound comfort, which is inaccessible when using other building materials. Our brick buildings have high earthquake resistance.

  • Aluminium windows
  • Euro-timber
  • Doors
  • Lighting
  • Autonomy
  • Video Surveillance
    Access Control

Karkashadze Houses are respectable and contemporary

The best materials, the most modern engineering systems, ergonomics of layouts, luxury interiors, the functionality and aesthetics of the adjacent territory.

Common areas decoration

  • Marble floors.
  • Walls - marble, wood, molding.
  • Ceilings - painting.
  • Staircases - oak railings, forging.
  • Italian luminaires with LED lamps.

Appartments decoration

  • Room dividers - red effective ceramic brick.
  • High-quality semi-dry floor cement screed– cement and sand, M100 on soundproofing material.
  • Bathroom floors - surface waterproofing.


  • Windows and balcony doors - aluminum and euro beam with 2-chamber energy-saving glass unit with different glass spacing.
  • European window fittings.
  • Pipes of cold and hot water, recirculation, heating.
  • Silent sewerage in the kitchen and bathrooms.
  • Installation of water meters in the hall.
  • 3-phase electricity input to an apartment with installation electronic meters in the hall.
  • Input of the TV cable, Internet, phone, on-door speakerphone to each apartment.
  • Installation of fire detectors.
  • Installation of heat meter.
  • The doorways of a non-standard height of 2.3 m.
  • Anti-slip, frost-resistant tiles on balconies.
  • Balcony railings - forging.
  • The entrance door is armored, insulated, soundproof, non-standard height 2.3 m, author's design with European locking systems.
Технические характеристики
0,0 m
Hall height
0,0 m
Room height

Technical characteristics



reinforced concrete monolithic grillages on a pile foundation


Exterior of the building

modern finishing material of a premium class, with the use of basalt wool insulation


High-quality radiators


Engineering networks

hidden layout of the engineering networks of heating, water supply, household, and storm sewage systems


Entrance doors to the apartments

exclusive design, with a non-standard height of 2.3 m. Armoured, insulated, soundproof


High-quality semi-dry floor cement screed

cement and sand, M100 on soundproofing material



monolithic, reinforced concrete


3-phase electricity input to an apartment



monolithic reinforced concrete walls, columns

The most advanced and reliable materials

We always give preference to natural materials, the use of which is as safe as possible, both for you and your family, and for the environment



All walls – red effective ceramic brick. Thickness of outside walls: 510 mm. Thickness of inter-apartment walls: 380 mm. Thickness of room dividers: 120 mm



Exclusive, spacious, high-speed, silent, of the last generation



Energy saving, made of aluminum and natural wood (euro-timber)



The house construction withstands earthquakes with an intensity of up to 8 points


Smart House

Automation and centralized systems management


Spacious terraces and balconies

with ceramic flooring

  • High-speed elevators
  • Underground parking
  • Efficiency and autonomy

Room height
– 3,15m


Landscape gardening


Electricity, heat and water meters



Closed, around-the-clock guarded territory, restricted access to the territory, video surveillance


Decoration of common facilities

Marble, modelling, wood


Power supply

Transformer substation, diesel generator


Energy-saving LED lighting


Comon rest areas for adults, a playground for children


Modern system of smoke removal and fire extinguishing


Fire tank


Underground parking

Collection of

We have created a special collection of apartments, thinking the layouts through, and providing the possibility of a customizable l layout according to your preferences.


Apart from ergonomics, a feature of apartment layouts in our house is a master bedroom designed in each apartment. This will bring even greater comfort, functionality, and coziness to your home.

Opportunities for planning

The possibility to combine several apartments into one will allow you to execute even the most daring designs. All rooms are of regular geometric shapes, and with high ceilings (3.15 m). The doorways of a non-standard height of 2.3 m will emphasize the spaciousness and freedom of your home.

Also, a lot of air and space, impressions from each sunrise and sunset. All this is due to life in a unique place and the love with which we create your home.



We design and create each new home as an ideal place for life, where you feel harmony and enjoy every minute spent in your home.



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