Karkashadze Houses / 6a Dovzhenko St.

Karkashadze Houses:


Main Characteristics Of The House:

Material of walls is red ceramic effective brick

Height of rooms is 3,20 m

Windows are wooden of eurobar

Facade is decorative plaster

Autonomous heat supply

Silent elevators

Round the clock protected territory

Guest parking

The area for rest


2, Frantsuzsky boulevard, Odessa, 65012, Ukraine

Sales office Karkashadze Houses

29, Frantsuzsky boulevard, Odessa, 65044, Ukraine

ZARS was founded on October 14, 1996 by Givi Karkashadze (1930 — 2006). Construction holding ZARS completes a full investment and construction cycle of its own projects, from development and construction to commissioning and management. ZARS is a harmonious team of confederates and professionals which finds new solutions for each project understanding the modern tendencies and needs of the clients.

Having refused mass building, the company ZARS creates unique projects in which esthetics, quality and comfort are the main postulates. Paying special attention at the architectural concept of each house, the company ZARS makes the contribution in keeping the uniqueness and originality of architectural style of our city.