2020 in the history of the company “ZARS” – the chronology of significant events in the company’s life

2020 was perhaps the most ambiguous in the entire modern history of mankind. Some would say that this is the most difficult year in recent times, and some would say that such challenges are useful and necessary. But what exactly can be said that it was really eventful. We continued to implement our plans, took an active part in social initiatives, and launched a new project.

For “ZARS”, the transition to 2021 is a reason to look back and remember significant events over the last year. What we managed to start, finish and achieve.

If we were asked to briefly describe 2020 and sum up the results, the chronology of the company’s life would look like this:

March-April 2020

COVID-19 came to Ukraine. We chose an active position in the fight against it. From the very first days of the pandemic, the company has been purchasing medical equipment, protective means, organizing their transfer to institutions in Odessa, and also donating funds to charitable foundations and public organizations. We introduced contactless online transactions for the safety of our clients.

May-June 2020

Presentation of a new project inspired by the architecture of Odessa at the beginning of the ХХ century. The new Karkashadze’s House on 29b Frantsuzsky Boulevard with a collection of 48 apartments, park adjacent territory and progressive technical solutions.

July-August 2020

Driving the first pile of the new Karkashadze’s House on 29b Frantsuzsky Boulevard. More than 50% of apartments have found their owners within a month after the start of sales.

October 2020

We turned 24 on 14 October. We celebrated this event traditionally – we planted trees in Shevchenko Park.

On 24 October, a new park with ponds and a comfortable recreation area with free Wi-Fi for residents of the “Park Sauvignon” residential complex was opened.

November 2020

We realized that many people were tired of the events of 2020, so we began to bring the New Year closer in November. We installed a New Year tree, decorated the adjacent territories with New Year’s decoration to create a festive atmosphere. We gave gifts to residents ahead of time, helped them in every possible way to smile and enjoy the upcoming holidays. Residents actively supported our idea.

On 18 November, the first brick was laid in the Karkashadze’s House on 29b Frantsuzsky Boulevard.

December 2020

The final phase of construction of the Karkashadze’s House on 29 Frantsuzsky Boulevard. The last apartment in the house found its owner.

The first floor of the Karkashadze’s House on 29b Frantsuzsky Boulevard was finished.

On 19 December, at the “Park Sauvignon” residential complex, we held a cheerful children’s holiday dedicated to St. Nicholas Day with games, treats and gifts. Over the year, the complex has grown significantly – we have built new houses, landscaped the territory, held events and this has borne fruit in the form of a friendly community of residents that shares our values and is growing every day.


Traditionally, we cooperated with OSACEA, supported talented students, acted as sponsors at various events.

At the end of the year, we updated our logo and corporate identity, making it in the spirit of the time.

And even this is not the whole list of events that were in the life of the company “ZARS” in non-standard 2020.

We are not talking about some events yet … we will save them for the future, when the results become available to the public.

So what was 2020 like?
A year of unpredictable events and non-standard solutions.
A year of global turbulence and ambitious beginnings.
A year after which no one remained the same.

What 2021 is preparing for us – we cannot know. But we know one thing for sure – it will be special.
Indeed, this year we will celebrate the 25th anniversary of our foundation, and this is a significant date.
We invite you to share this year and all its upcoming events with us.

With the warmest wishes of health, goodness and happiness!
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