Planting trees on Sports lane

Each of our new houses confirms the reputation of Karkashadze Houses as the best houses for living in Odessa. And for us, an impeccable reputation is one of the important aspects, a contribution to the development of which is made by every employee of the company.

Earlier, we promised that instead of one tree cut down as a result of the negligence of our employee, we would plant 10 new trees in agreement with the relevant authorities. We, as a company with a clear position and principles, fulfilled our promise and last weekend planted 2 catalpas and 8 juniper trees on the territory near our construction site in Sports Lane.

For 25 years, the construction holding ZARS has been landscaping its facilities and the surrounding area, and also participates in projects for the improvement of Odessa. During this time, we have planted over 1000 trees.

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