29 Frantsuzsky Boulevard

The start of building: 2016

The company “ZARS” will be 20 years in 2016.

The house with the address 29 Frantsuzky Boulevard is the anniversary. It joined together all the traditions and the principles of the “Karkashadze’s houses”: the most modern technologies, location, "sincere" approach to building and the unique planning opening a view of the sea from each apartment.


Technical Characteristics

All walls are of red effective ceramic bricks

Aluminium Italian radiators

3 phase electricity input to the apartment

Input of the TV cable, Internet, phone, on-door speakerphone to the apartment

High-quality cement and limy plaster of walls

Apartment entrance doors are strengthened, warmed, soundproofed

Modern system of smoke removal and fire extinguishing



Guest parking

The closed protected territory, access control, video surveillance

Foundations are the steel concrete monolithic grillage on the pile basis

Energy saving lighting

Eco-friendly and natural materials

Facade is of color three-layered decorative plaster with inclusion of marble crumb and mica

Round the clock protected territory

Height of rooms is 3,15m

Heat supply is autonomous, section silent gas roof boiler room

Elevators are spacious, high quality, high-speed silent elevators of the last generation of KONE

Windows are panoramic, made of natural wood (eurobar)

Hidden laying of the best engineering networks of heating and water supply (REHAU Rautitan Stabil)

Contact Information

2 Dovzhenko St., Odessa, 65058, Ukraine
Office: +380 (48) 777-55-33
Sales Office: +380 (48) 788-77-77


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